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Our stakeholders

  • 1.000 water supply cooperatives (250,000 people)
  • 538 melioration and flood protection cooperatives (35,000 hectare)
  • 207 wastewater disposal cooperatives (13,500 people)
  • 1 irrigation cooperative (4,000 hectares)
  • 1 combined water supply and waste water cooperative
  • Federal State of Upper Austria
  • Chamber of Agriculture for Upper Austria
  • 15 Individual members
  • 1 water association
  • South Western Umbrella of Water and Sanitation (swUws)


  • General assembly
  • Board of directors (7 persons)
    Chairman Mr. Werner Sams
    Vice chairman Mr. Hans Kräutner
  • Supervisory board (7 persons)
    Chairman Mr. Josef Winklehner
    Vice chairman Mr. Johann Dirnberger

General manager

Our principles

  • Non-profit character
  • Self-responsibility
  • Self-determination
  • Professional competence
  • Cost recovery
  • Voluntariness

Our services

  • Advice and support in technical, legal, financial and organizational questions
  • Legal information for insurance and settlement of claims
  • Technical audit of facilities (quality assurance) under §134 Water Act
  • Pooling program for water meters, water analyses,...
  • Measurement and detection services
    • leak detection, location of pipes and valves
    • Water loss analysis, measuring flow rates and pressure
    • Aquifer tests and establishment of sustainable yield
  • Operational services
    • Emergency water supply service
    • Advice and help to assemble and change water meters
  • Water analyses
    • Measurement of chemical, physical and bacteriological parameters
    • Technical survey for individual water supply facilities
  • Maintenance service
    • Spring tapping, drainage and channel maintenance
  • Guides and information brochures
  • Education and training for officials and technical personal
    • Chairman
    • Bookkeeper
    • Water operator
    • Public relations
    • Operation and maintenance
    • Water storage, water exploration
    • Insurance, liability, employment
  • Up-to-date information on


Download this information on UPPER AUSTRIA WATER Association as poster (A3, pdf).