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Water is life

Water supply cooperative

Water cooperatives aim at securing sufficient, high-quality and cost efficient drinking water supply.

Cooperatively organised water supply allows for the autonomous construction and operation of the necessary installations. The tasks of a water cooperative include the protection, abstraction, supply, transportation and distribution of drinking water, industrial water and fire water.
The personal involvement and honorary services of members make this collective quality-controlled water supply a very economical method of supply.

Benefits for society

Clear - fresh - clean - quality-controlled - from the region - cheap: This is how consumers expect their drinking water to be.
The water cooperatives carry out a variety of tasks for water supply every day; they fulfil the expectations of the water consumers and relieve the municipal administration.


Rudi Anschober

Rudi Anschober, Member of the regional government:
"With the foundation of UPPER AUSTRIA WATER 60 years ago, Upper Austria became a paradigm for the success of decentralised, small-scale water supply and sewerage installations and for the security of drinking water supply and waste water disposal they can provide. 
The work programme of the Upper Austrian regional government reads (translation):
"The Land Upper Austria supports and actively strengthens municipalities, cooperatives and associations to maintain their self-responsibility, autonomy, influence and competencies in the control of drinking water supply in the long term. This was provided for by the decision of the regional parliament on the "Strategie Zukunft Trinkwasser" (Strategy on the future of drinking water) on July 7, 2005 and will now be implemented."

Advisory service

  • Advice in business and technical matters in formation and operation
  • Legal consulting (model statutes, model contracts, adaptations to Water Act)
  • Coaching at decision making in technical and organisational matters
  • Participation and representation in authority proceedings and cooperative meetings
  • Fiscal and financial consulting
  • Coordination of pipe holders (plan administration, consulting, representation of interests)
  • Promotion and financial support (e.g. project planning, education,...)
  • Cost-effective  and custom insurances (e.g. group third-party insurance, collective functionary insurance)
  • Supplying of guides, information material to important expertise topics, circulars

Operational service

  • Measurement and detection services
    • Water loss analysis measuring flow rates and pressure
    • leak detection
    • detection of metallic pipes and valve cap
    • Aquifer tests and measurement of plentifulness
  • Operational services
    • Provision of mobile disinfection unit
    • Provision of mobile drinking water packing machine for emergency water supply
    • Advice and assistance with assembly and change of water meters
  • Maintenance service
    • Maintenance and rehabilitation of spring tappings
    • Water analysis
    • Measurement of important components
    • Technical survey of individual water supply facilities
    • Consulting for individual water supply facilities

Technical audit of facilities

Quality assurance as per §134 Water Act


Education and training

  • Broad range of conferences, trainings and meetings
  • Further education, course offers by the Austrian Association for Gas and Water (ÖVGW )
  • Water manager courses and certified water master courses


  • Pooling program for water analyses, water meter,...
  • Access to member-area of
  • Public relations assistance with a water bar, water glasses, posters, rollups
  • Member of Upper Austrian Raiffeisen Association (legal revision association) for legal, fiscal and financial consulting
  • Provision of certificates and honour gifts for awarding commendable members, e.g. honorary chairman
  • Member of Austrian Association for Gas and Water (ÖVGW )
  • Information and contact to the European Union and international water organisations

water supply team


water supply team



rehabilitation of spring tapping

Maintenance service: rehabilitation of spring tapping


leak detection

Detection service: leak detection


packed and stored emergency water

Operational service: packed and stored emergency water


Mobile water analysis

Mobile water analysis


Technical audit

Technical audit as per §134 Water Act


Training seminar

Training seminar: Insurance, liability, employment


Networking: exhibition

Networking: exhibition



Download information on water supply cooperatives as poster (A3, pdf)