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A strong partner for making a difference

UPPER AUSTRIA WATER - Association of cooperatives

The main objective of the UPPER AUSTRIA WATER model is the autonomous and self-reliant execution of water management related tasks by its members, especially in rural areas.
Own initiative, private services and public supervision are the cornerstones of the UPPER AUSTRIA WATER Association.

Principles and mission of UPPER AUSTRIA WATER

  • Long-term sustainability of important public investments
  • Safeguarding successful water management through competent technical assistance and supervision
  • Ensuring subsistence in rural areas
  • Assistance with the solution of problems

Objectives and strategies of UPPER AUSTRIA WATER

  • Development of efficient solutions
  • Knowledge transfer and continuous training
  • Provision of an information network
  • Insurance cover
  • Administration of the buying syndicate
  • Provision of a platform for the exchange of information
  • Public relations


Governor Josef Pühringer:

"A water management respectful of the environment and the interests of society requires personal initiative and responsibility. The water cooperatives are key players in this field and have an important share in this task. In the framework of the water policy of Upper Austria, the association UPPER AUSTRIA WATER successfully fulfils its important and comprehensive mission. It thus ensures our autonomy, in other words: our Upper Austrian water identity."









1946 Foundation of UPPER AUSTRIA WATER

26 April Regional Parliament decision on the foundation of the association
27 September Inaugural meeting with 120 participating water cooperatives
14 October Decision of the regional government on the establishment of the regional government agency UPPER AUSTRIA WATER



Chair of the supervisory board Josef Winklehner,
Chairman Werner Sams, General manager Wolfgang Aichlseder


Agency and partner for its members

The experts at UPPER AUSTRIA WATER are happy to provide advice and assistance!


Our services:

  • Advice and und assistance on technical, legal, financial and administrative matters
  • Audits of installations according to Article 134 of the Austrian water law
  • Buying syndicate for water meters, water test equipment
  • Detection of leakages, conduits and armatures
  • Water supply service in case of emergency
  • Repair service for well catchments, drainage systems and gullies
  • Basic and advanced training for members


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